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Home Ownership Made Easy

Regardless of your credit profile, our Coaches can develop a customized "game plan" to help you manage your finances and improve your credit.

This will enable you to qualify for the best possible mortgage terms and rates to purchase or refinance your home within 12 - 24 months.







The Smiths are looking to purchase a home that will have a mortgage of $250,000. Compare the interest rate the Smiths will qualify for before and after working with a New Beginnings Advisor:

  Before HOME After  HOME
Mortgage Amount $250,000 $250,000
Amortization Rate 25 years 25 years
Interest Rate 10% 5%
Monthly Payment $2,240 $1,450
Total Interest Paid $421,210 $186,260

Improve your score - reduce your cost of borrowing now that's Home Ownership Made Easy!

* for illustrative purposes only, actual inter est rate and terms will vary.