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We'd like to express our appreciation to Frank & Taylor for finding us a beautiful car that not only fit our budget, but at a time we needed wheels ASAP. Within a few days of connecting with Frank we were driving our 2015 Chrysler 200!
Thank you, Frank, for being more than a professional, but a man who cares for people, as seen even in your follow-up call. You've made dream come true for us!
Posted By: Keith & Melinda
I needed a car fast! I was recommended to Frank and he made it happen! I had a car delivered to me in 4-5 days! It was completely awesome!!! Very thankful to have my car! It was the easiest way to shop and buy a car! Thank you!
Posted By: Melanie
Words really can't describe what Frank did for me. I was in a consumer proposal and in dire need of a new car. I was afraid to ask for help out of fear of getting back into debt with a major purchase. Then my car broke down and the bill to repair the car was more than the car was actually worth. I had no choice but to reach out to my Trustee and Credit Councillor who put me in touch with Frank which was the best thing to ever happen to me. Frank and Taylor (who worked with Frank to help me) treated me with respect by listening to my concerns and answering my questions with their honest opinions. Frank and Taylor both knew of my consumer proposal and was still able to help me secure a loan and get me into another vehicle in 2 to 3 weeks. If you are in a situation similar to me and find yourself in need of a new vehicle, I would highly recommend you reach out to Frank Gucciardi. Frank's experience and ability to deliver speak volumes about his character and willingness to help people out. Thanks so much!!!!

Posted By: Johann
I was put in contact with Frank last year by my son who purchased a vehicle from him. I was in dire straits and desperately needed a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work My present vehicle was falling apart before my eyes . At the time that I spoke with Frank I was nearing the end of my bankruptcy Frank worked tirelessly and effortlessly to help me get a vehicle that is reliable. It took almost 6 months but Frank kept working on it ! I owe Frank my never ending gratitude for all the work that he did in those 6 months. He never gave up on me even though I did give up on myself. Thank you so very much to Frank and his team !!!
Posted By: Lorraine
Frank was recommended to us a few years ago. We are now on our second car and I just want to say that I couldn't of found a better person to deal with. Frank and his team went above and beyond to help us. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a pleasant and kind person to help them. He is an amazing person .
Posted By: Mike and Debbie
I was referred to Frank Gucciardi several years ago when I purchased my very first car and I will continue to use him for all my future car purchases. He was and always has been dedicated to meet all your car needs and budget requirements. He takes the time to ensure you're satisfied with everything and he's not pushy. Frank listens and cares about you and has your best interest in mind with every deal. He also takes the time to follow up to make sure you're happy with your car and that things are going well. When I was having some car troubles, he took the initiative to contact his service team right away to see how quickly they could look at my car. He is always looking out for your safety, he's up to date with each and every new car model/feature and is the person my whole family trusts when purchasing a car. I highly recommend Frank to all my friends and family.

Thank you for you hard work, dedication and excellent car buying experience.

Posted By: Madalyn
Just wanted to send in a little note thanking Frank and his team. They really helped my family out when we were in a bind. We are now getting our second vehicle with them and it has been nothing but a great experience. I would highly recommend Frank and his team if you need a vehicle.
Posted By: Melanie
A family member referred me to Frank after he helped them track down the car they were looking for as soon as he heard my wife and I were looking to replace our vehicle. Frank was helpful and knowledgeable right from the get-go, working with our budget and our priorities for the car to get us exactly what we were looking for. Frank turned the uncertainty and hassle of trying to find the right car for the right price into a totally easy and worry-free process. His expertise, relationships, and commitment to our satisfaction helped us buy our vehicle. Thanks for everything, Frank!
Posted By: David
I was referred to Frank by my husband's friend. Upon our initial meeting, I could tell Frank genuinely cared about his customers in how he focused his attention to detail and to my specific requests. My husband does not easily give out compliments, although on our way home after that meeting, he said "you are in good hands". That's huge.
Frank exemplifies professionalism, customer care, and excellent work ethics. He gives you his word when it comes to customer service, which I experienced first hand. I feel absolutely great driving my new car, all thanks to Frank!
Posted By: Martess
During the early spring of 2015 I reached a point where I felt a new vehicle would benefit my business as a general contractor,I touched base with an old colleauge of mine through the Toronto Police Service who was extensively involved in automobiles, I felt certain he could put me in touch with the right person to find me the right vehicle.
I was introduced to Frank who immediately set about finding out what type of vehicle with what type of options I would require. As I had never leased a vehicle before Frank took the time to walk me through this process while at the same time finding the best package for my needs.
After deciding on the options I required, ( and a few I didn't even realize existed) he set me up in a brand new Ford F150, beautiful truck, well equipped and a pleasure to drive as well as be seen in.
Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as well as I had anticipated and after a great deal of thought I decided the vehicle had to go. I contacted Frank and after explaining my situation to him he set about getting my situation straightened out the quickest and least expensive way possible.
He is so well connected in the auto industry and the more I became acquainted with him the more I learned that he has access to just about anything on four wheels and if he doesn't have it readily available he will find it fast.
Frank remained extremely professional and helpful,not only during the initial sale but also when it came time to help me out of the lease.I would not hesitate using Franks services again in the future and would highly recommend him to any friend or family member looking for a new or used vehicle to buy or lease.
Thanks Frank for "going above and beyond!
Posted By: Rod

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