Our Program

Vehicle Solution Centre creation was designed to offer people who had experienced credit difficulties a place where to get thoughtful advice, and great vehicles at great interest rates.

Our goal was to provide customers who sometimes had little chance for an approval, a rate and program that not only made sense, but would offer them shorter lending terms and save them thousands of dollars.

We have helped customers find reliable transportation, and have established ourselves as one of leaders for customers with current or prior credit difficulties.

We are confident that should a customer take a look at our Vehicle Solution Centre alternative and compare us to other programs; they will find that our philosophy, our program, and our people make the difference when they need it the most.

Getting Started

When a customer comes to one of our locations our process is simple

You are asked to fill out a credit application similar to any other lending institution and a consultation is done by management, not a salesperson.

Your credit is reviewed to determine your current ability to make monthly payments (In many cases a pre-determined monthly payment that is affordable for you has been determined by your trustee and that is the range we will design the approval with) .

Your approval process is determined quickly with very few conditions if any, one of the conditions might be a small down-payment to reduce the monthly expenses and a lower interest rate will be determined.

You are given a selection of vehicles that meet your needs, with terms and conditions that helps provide reliable transportation for you and your family at rates that make sense.

You are given a quote or quotes without the need for a deposit and are not required to make a decision that day. (In all trustee referrals the customer is encouraged to discuss the quote with their trustee to ensure the vehicle is affordable and within any pre-set guidelines).

Get Right Solution For

Your Vehicle

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